Metal/Graphene films

Graphene Oxide and reduced Graphene Oxide are intriguing materials for photonics and electronic devices both for intrinsic characteristics and as precursors for the synthesis of graphene. Whatever the application and the engineering purpose, a fine control of the chemical and physical properties is required since the performances of graphene based systems depend on the reduction state of Graphene Oxide and can be strongly affected by interfaces interactions and neighboring effects. Then, a method for a local control of electric, electronic and chemical properties is required. Laser processing is a promising technique to process graphene and reduced graphene. Photoreduction of graphene–like materials induced by lasers is a path for band–gap tuning on graphene specimens. The synergic application of Near Edge X ray Absorption Fine Structure Spectroscopy and Conductive Atomic Force Microscopy is a powerful way for such purpose allowing a full characterization of simple and composite samples, including specimens with dielectric discontinuities.