CAmera PulIta per Test ed Integrazione di strumenti Ottici ed optoelettronici
Cleanroom per Test and Integration of optics and opto-electronics instrumentation
Progetto POR CRO (Parte FESR) 2007-2013 Azione 1.1.1

Full cleanroom area: 46 sqm.  The cleanroon is divided in a pre-cleanroom area, in Area  1 (ISO7 class), and Area 2 (ISO6 - 23 sqm). The cleanroom is made available for scientific projects as well as external service to the industry.

 In Area 1 (Fig.1) there is a vacuum chamber (a tube of 80 cm diameter, and 2 m length), able to accommodate optical components as well as whole instruments. The chamber is interfaced with the Area 2, allowing the handling of the instrumentation in a clean environment (Fig.2) Inside, a two axis platform allows the positioning and rotation of the instrumentation (Fig.2). The vacuum chamber and the monochromator are placed in Area 1. The vacuum system is dimensioned to reach 10^-7 mbar pressure in the chamber.. The monochromator coupled with different sources provides radiation in the 40-350 nm spectral range, while a parabolic mirror is used as a collimator. As a source, different spectral lamps can be used to generate emission lines, while a Xe lamp can be used to have continuum spectrum. An high brilliant hollow cathode lamp has been fabricated by the group to generate extreme ultraviolet radiation. Different calibrated detectors and other completing optical components are available.

Fig.1 Cleanroom Area 1 (window toward Area 2)

 Fig.2 Cleanroom Area 1    Fig.3 Cleanroom Area 1  

In Area 2 (Fig.4)  an optical bench Newport RS-4000 is available. A  Zygo GPI XP interferometer with several accessories can be used to test optical surfaces as well as for alignment purposes. A theodolite  Leica TM5100A is also available for fine alignment of instrumentation. Area 2 is also equipped with a laminar flow bench which guarantees an ISO5 cleanliness area. 

Fig.4 Cleanroom Area 1

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